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Important FAQ
[FAQ] Q: What does RTFM stand for?

Read the Fine Manual.  Many of your questions may already be answered in this general FAQ or the FAQ posted in each forum.  If your question isn't addressed in any of the FAQ, read other posts in the Customer Service Center (at least the first few pages).  After that bit of research, feel free to start a new thread.

[FAQ] Q: My question isn't answered by this FAQ.

While not technically a question, it's still a valid concern.  I've left this thread unlocked so you can submit candidate questions after you've RTFM.

General FAQ
[FAQ] Q: What is CAPTCHA?

Many spammers have computer programs which flood forums with spam and advertisements. A CAPTCHA [] is a "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". In other words, it's a computer program trying to decide if the visitor is human. Many CAPTCHAs are an image of garbled letters and numbers. In addition to that kind of image CAPTCHA, we have open-ended Signup Questions. Remember that a computer program will grade your answer, so keep it simple. If the question asks if ice is hot or cold, the answer will either be hot or cold; the computer won't understand freezing or burning. Since this is a genealogy site, there are some relationship questions.

[FAQ] Q: What should I do if I am offended by a post or see one that breaks the Member Guidelines?

There is a report button attached to each post; clicking on it will notify the proper moderator. For problems in chat, save the transcript and PM it to any of the mods.

[FAQ] Q: Why does it say newbie under my name and when will it change?

We use ranks to give incentive to participate.

We currently have the following ranks:
Junior Member
Senior Member
Posting Freak

Additional ranks may be added, and the number of posts required for each rank is subject to change.

[FAQ] Q: Does this site support HTML?

No, HTML would introduce too many security holes. However, you may use use MyCode (based on the common BB Code used by other forums). I will shortly write up a help page on MyCode (including a place for you to try it out!)

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